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Leading figures

Yeguang Chen, Ph.D, Cofounder, CS

Dr. Chen, is a professor and PhD student supervisor at Tsinghua University, famous cell biologist, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chairman in IFCB(International Federation for Cell Biology). He has received many awards and honors including Science & Technology Award for Chinese Youth, Outstanding Youth Fund of NSFC, the Changjiang Scholar, etc.



Guang Yang, Ph.D, Cofounder, Chairman & CSO
Dr. Yang, obtained PhD degree from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed his postdoctoral research at University of Southern California. He served as senior executive at internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies like J&J, Novartis,Roche, whose main research and development area was hepatitis B virus. The team that he led brought two anti-hepatitis B virus small molecule drugs into market and clinic, and the anti-smallpox drug that they developed, TPOXX, was approved by FDA for market.