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Organoid application

Organoids are miniaturized and simplified version of organs produced in vitro in three dimensions that shows realistic micro-anatomy.They are derived from tissueembryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells, which can self-organize in three-dimensional culture owing to their self-renewal and differentiation capacities. Organoid technology can be used in the personalized treatment guidance, research on pathogenesis, new target identification, high-throughput screening of compounds, effectiveness and toxicology evaluation of lead compounds in drug discovery as well as regenerative medicine.



Personalized treatment based on organoid technology


Currently, precise medication can be achieved by making therapeutic schemes based on the cancer genome maps of patients. In practice, although the gene sequencing for tumor tissue can be conducted to identify the key mutations, there are still a few potential drug candidates left to choose. Therefore, the gene sequencing test can only predict the best therapeutic scheme based on probability.


However, drug sensitivity assays using the organoids derived from patients’ tumor tissues can work as a supplement for gene sequencing test service, which will provide the best and safest therapeutic schemes for patients.



Organoid-based disease modeling can reveal the pathogenesis of disease by using organoids to simulate and observe the development of disease in vitro, including the pathologicaland functional changes. And the organoid-based disease modeling can be applied to the preclinical and clinical research of drug discovery.

Organoid-based disease modeling can be applied to the early, middle and late stage of drug discovery. As a new technology and new tool, it can shorten the drug discovery process, reduce costs, and improve the success rate of drug discovery:


Five Elements constructs the organoid-based disease modeling based on organoid technology, which can study the pathology, identify the new drug target, evaluate the effectiveness and safety of lead compound more efficiently when compared with the traditional cell model and animal model that are used to simulate vivo environment.


The unique advantages of Five Elements


Focused on organoid technology, together with a leading academician in cell biology and top pharmaceutical scientists from international pharmaceutical companies, Five Elements is devoted to establishing an unique organoid culture protocol to achieve higher success rate, storage and recovery, and better cost efficiency. Simultaneously, Five Elements has signed a contract with Nanjing municipal government to build and operate an national biobank.