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Academician Workstation

Academician Workstation
Supported by the central lab of Five Elements, the academician workstation is led by Mr Chen Yeguang, an academician of Chinese academy of sciences, in which we conduct three major researches of precision medicine, regenerative medicine, drug discovery based on the organoid bio-bank and research subjects of organnoid and tumor.
Hongcheng Institution of life science
Academician Workstation will invite famous scientific research institutions and scientists worldwide to undertake collaborative research. We will build Hongcheng Institution of Life Science based on the academician workstation and construct a strong research team with the open innovation mechanism which will be led by top scientists and supported by various PI research members. We will keep close collaborative relationships with domestic and foreign institutions of different research directions so as to promote the internationalization of research institutions with an open incentive system. 

Ten major research directions: Brain, 

2 Two major research centers
1 Basic Scientific Research Center
Based on the ten major research directions, guided by the practical applications, we will conduct basic researches including organoid culture, storage technology, through which we will apply the organoid technology to new drug discovery, precision medicine, regenerative medicine.
2Clinical medical research center
Based on the ten major research directions, we will conduct clinical researches related to organoid that will facilitate the transformation of organoid technology into clinical applications. And the the profit of clinical services and patents will be used as the reward or the fund for our sustainable researches. 
3Hongcheng Life Forum
Our research institution will hold forums of different subjects associated with diagnosis and treatment of tumor and applications of organoid technology. We will invite famous scientists and entrepreneurs worldwide to attend the forum to develop academic exchange, discuss the potential collaborations about technology and development of products, promote the transformation of scientific research achievement.