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Valoraization Center

Five Elements is committed to promoting and accelerating the transformation of basic research achievement, facilitating the transformation of intellectual property into social and economic benefits. We have our own professional investment banking team that consists of famous investment bankers, entrepreneurs and lawyers who will provide investment consultations, fund management, intellectual property trade services.
Investment consultation services
Provide investment consultation services for start-up companies or companies with demand of developing new business including making strategic plans, business plans, private equity investments. We can offer a series of professional consultation services from pre-financing preparations, financings, pre-IPO consultations to IPO consultations.
Fund Management 
Five Elements Bio-technology will build a fund management center that can offer fund raising and fund management services for new technologies and incubation programs in biomedical industry, as well as provide strategy consultations, support of fund and partner resources for the business development plan of start-up companies.
Valorization of Intellectual Property 
Supported by a strong team of scientists and drug R&D technologies, we have established  long-term cooperative partnerships with the big multinational pharmaceutical companies and CRO companies. Our company possesses upstream seller resources and downstream buyer resources and we have a professional investment banking team and legal advisers. We have purchased intellectual properties of lead compounds with potential research value, further designed and optimized the experiments to increase the value of the projects.