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Letter from chairman

As AI and blockchain technology are bringing unprecedented changes to our lifestyle, an emerging bio-technology---- organoid technologies become very popular in biomedicine and healthcare industries. Organoid, as the name implies, it is a miniaturized and simplified version of an organ produced in vitro in three dimensions that shows realistic micro-anatomy. Organoids are identical to human organs in genotype, biological structure and function,development regulation. These benefits make organoid technologies indisputably superior than the traditional two-dimensional cell culture technologies. Organoid technologies are applying and will continue to apply to different fields. 
In the era of intensive competition and demanding innovation, Five Elements is devoted to building the largest platform of organoid technologies in China, constructing the first organoid biobank in China that opens to the world, establishing an organoid-derived individual bioinformation database, sharing the sports, diet, diagnosis and treatment information with our partners, and providing important data resources for disease prevention, discovery of disease mechanism, discovery of biomarker and target spot, clinical experiment and personalized healthcare management through the health data obtained from the latest detection technology,which will lay a solid foundation for the applications of AI and blockchain technology in healthcare industry. 
Our bodies are facing various threats ranging from aging, diseases,cancers and ecological changes, of which the health and healthcare are the top priorities that catch social attention. Five Elements will establish three major platforms-----drug discovery platform, precision medicine platform, regenerative medicine platform based on the organoid technologies,help individuals to convert their health data into personal assets to accumulate exchangeable and marketable fortune by providing the health data management services. Meanwhile, combining the platforms with the blockchain technology, the big data sets made up of individual data can provide data services for research and application of medicine and pharmaceutics in a privacy-protective way. This creative health data asset management model will exert enormous and profound influence on biology, medicine and pharmaceutics.
Keeping away from diseases, pursing healthy life have always been our consistent pursuits since ancient times. Holding the aspiration of devoting heart and soul to our country’s medical and pharmaceutical industries,we have established Five Elements with the value of “partnership with shared responsibility, innovation, and benefit”, joining hands with industries, government, society to make our due contributions to healthcare industry.