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Making a breakthrough in drug discovery, initiating

the journey of personalized healthcare services;

Shielding people from fear of cancers;

Keeping people away from diseases;

Offering people with affordable personalized healthcare.

Five Elements Bio-technology Co.,Ltd. , founded in Dec, 21st, 2015, has been committed to building an industry-leading biotechnology company with the focus of an integrated platform of drug discovery and personalized healthcare based on the organoid technology and Protac technology. On such basis, Five Elements will further construct an organoid biobank harnessed by AI and blockchain technology, a regenerative medicine platform and a value-oriented data asset consortium to achieve our vision of“Shielding people from fear of cancers; Keeping people away from diseases; Providing patients with affordable personalized medicine”.





Five Element Bio-technology Co.,Ltd. is led by a research team consisting of academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, senior executives of world-renowned  pharmaceutical companies, clinical scientists, doctors and masters. Our research directions include:

1 Organoid Technology: Drug sensitivity screening based on organoid technology, organoid disease model construction, organoid chip technology

2 Personalized Healthcare: Tumor screening and auxiliary diagnostic technology, clinical treatment guidance for tumor based on drug sensitivity screening with organoid technology

3 Drug Discovery: Applications of organoid technology in R&D of anti-tumor drugs, especially in the optimization and safety evaluation of lead compound

4 Regenerative Medicine: applications of stem cell organoid technology in regenerative medicine.

Five Elements Bio-technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to building the cloud data infrastructure based on the electronic health records and integrating it with the data of Five Elements’organoid bio-bank and health-related data, such as bioinformatics data, treatment and diagnosis data, sports data and data of vital signs etc. We use the heterogeneous cloud computing platform with blockchain technology to make individual-centered health data of full-life cycle structured, sharable, private, tradable and unified, which grant individuals the ownership, right of supervision and usufruct of data in order to foster a value-sharing ecosystem with AI where everyone can benefit.  



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